February 26, 2007

Another successful launch!

So I'm writting this as the oscars play live on the tv in th e livingroom. Last weekend i came across this little place near Hiroki's apartment. It was a temple/graveyard behing a church and an apartment block which seems to double as a parking lot.
The other set of unrelated news is the recent successful launch of a 4th spy satellite by Japan. I'd like to put my own satellite in orbit one day, and have a the launch facility added to the little temple/graveyard. Space Burials.com or something...oh well....

February 16, 2007

Her Royal Highness Queen Chip

Her majesty takes this opportunity to address her loyal subjects from all corners of her great empire, from the Land of The Rising Sun, to the Great White North, to the Heart of the Americas. It is in a spirit of great jubilee that her Royal Highness wishes upon all peaceful solidarity in times of great tribulation. May peace, harmony and kitty litter abound across all the lands of the Earth.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Chip

February 13, 2007

Marc Chrismas

I've recently heard from my old roomie Marc (pictured on the right). I've gone through his flikr site and reminisced about some great old times we had in 2004-2005. Well, if you know Marc and haven't heard from him, look for him on the flikr site. Due to security measures i can't include a link to the site driectly. Happy hunting!

February 11, 2007


Alright, this week's episode's up and ready for download. It's a special episode with lots of extra "never-heard-before" content and it's piping hot outta the oven! A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ed and Al and a big hugg and kiss to Mickey my nephew. Alright, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for CJJP+ Episode 5!!!!!!!

February 07, 2007

Wednesday afternoon beers

After a bout 6 beers and an awesome conversation with James, Gary, james and Ryan, i've made it home in one piece. Oh yeah, my bike lock was STOLEN, yet my bike was left behind. strange eh? Guess what, i won't be riding my bike to work any more. It was a messege. Will I wake up with my cat's head in my bed tomorrow? I don't know. maybe I need to revise the list of candidates for guest appearances on my podcasts. I'm afraid i'll receive an offer I can't refuse.

February 03, 2007

Google Earth!

Have you discovered Google Earth yet? I bet you have! well, if you haven't, go get it, it's a really cool program that lets you visit virtually any part of the world in amazing detail, specially in urban areas. I find myself spending hours finding places I've visited over the years, or places where my friends live now, or simply places in the news. Sometimes I get coordintaes off google earth that later i try to find using my GPS. It's a way to get me to places I've never been to within the city and its environs. I've been collecting coordinates since I got my first GPS device in '99. When my fiance and I first got together she said she'd help me collect more coordinates around Japan. We've collected a whole bunch of them in the 3 years since. I'm putting together a number of these so you can visit them online through Google Earth. I'll make an announcement when the list's ready. In the mean time, explore my 'hood! Latitude 34.666236, Longitude 135.519195

February 01, 2007


Hey, I got some podcasts starting to happen, you can check them out at my .Mac site. I'm posting a couple pics of the new PSP based GPS navi I've jimmied-up on my bike.