November 22, 2007

I'm older now

On tuesday yours truly turned one year older! Yey! but the "wisdom" gauge hasn't moved much :) . Goldie threw me a surprise party at SoHo and it was a blast. I was very happy to see everyone, and we had the grill going with some yakiniku brugogi. I want to thank everyone for coming out and for all the wonderful gifts i received. I didnt get a chance to take any pictures.

Tuesday was also Suguru-san's show opening as well as Hatsukano-san's 21st birthday. They had a blast as well. We wrapped the party up by about midnite, with stomachs full and heads spinning :). Thank you very much once again, and thanks be to God almighty for another year of life. To all of you who couldn't be there, I missed you, but there's always next year.
Thanks again!

November 18, 2007

What a day!

Today was one of the most interesting days we've had at SoHo. Zane and his cast and crew came to film the final scene for his film: "The Olden Days are Now". There was a great turnout of extras for the shoot thanks to Lawrence Hong, who brought in great people for the filming. Zane was thoroughly impressed with the cooperativeness and patience of the extras, who for hours populated each video frame take after take. I want to thank each and everyone of them for their support and effort.

Thank you to everyone involved for an unforgettable experience. We hope to see many of you at the premier, to be held at SoHo in spring 2008.

October 25, 2007

Takakiya Aki Matsuri, October 20th 2007, Osaka

Photo Courtesy of David Morales, Copyright 2007
Here's a pic of our little art stand at the Takakiya Shrine Aki Matsuri (Autumn Festival). It was a lot of fun and we got to meet a lot of people in our neighbourhood. The festival's focus was on hand mande arts and crafts, as well as other cultural expressions such as dance and performances. There was a big group of Japanese Flamenco dances, a belly dancer and Shinto performers. It was a blast! Our many thanks to David for taking pics of our little stand! Gracias hermano!

October 21, 2007

Photo Class

Photography class at SoHo has started, Yey! I have two students who signed up for the 4 week intensive digital photo class. It's been pretty cool and interesting, the students, Mon and Jenniffer are very keen in this art. There will be a one day exhibition on oct. 31st to showcase their work. I am looking forward to continuing with this course, as it is quite enjoyable and we get to go on short little field trips to take all kinds of pictures. We then critique them, use a bit of digital darkroom magic to work out some of the kinks, or take pics again from scratch.

There are some minor changes and adjustments I need to do to the curriculum to improve the course further. Anyone interested in signing up, please let me know!

October 09, 2007

New PSP Slim

So I got myself a new PSP a couple days ago. It is slimmer and lighter than the first PSP I bought. It feels more responsive and faster. i also got the Digital TV tuner accessory and it rocks, and the battery seems to last forever. i copied a couple of files into it, like my web bookmarks and podcast list from the old PSP and was ready to go in no time. I think this new PSP is basically an entirely different machine that looks like the old PSP. The old PSP however is still a classic, and I won't be getting rid of it anytime soon. both machines are wonderful pieces of engineering and industrial sculpture.

September 13, 2007

Summer Update

Well, it's been an eventful summer this year and there's lots to tell! First, the Gallery has been up and running now for almost 4 months. It's been great, we've had 6 group and solo exhibitions as well as some art events. We're also teaching art and languages. We've been meeting many interesting people and learning incredible things about the art world here in Japan.

At the same time we've done a little traveling as well. In july we went to visit George and Tamara in Seoul, Korea. We had a fantastic time tehre exploring the city with old friends. Korea is a really wonderful place with lots to see and do. It also has a vibrant art scene and AWESOME food.

Podcasts have been on hold since february, mainly due to work at SoHo, but I am glad to announce they will be starting up again soon.

I've also joined, where apparently everyone is a member. It's been great getting in touch with so many people again.

Well, that's it for now, till the next time!


May 11, 2007

The cafe

The cafe's almost done, there are a few final touches to be added. 11 more day to the official opening day, hope to see you guys there!

May 05, 2007

Almost Ready!!!!

Wow, it's been quite a while since i posted anything. We've been very busy with the gallery work, and we're pretty exhausted. we're both putting in 18 hour days, 7 days a week, and got some help from friends as well. As you can see the gallery's almost ready, and the official opening day is May 21st, 2007. We want to thank everyone who helped us along the way and invite everyone to our opening reception on the 21st. We got 22 artists from Japan the UK, US, Canada and Spain participating in our first annual "Art Salad" group show. you can get more up-to-the-minute info at the SoHo blog!

Aights, untill next time!

Celio & Goldie

March 28, 2007

SoHo Gallery Cafe Update

Work on the gallery continues at full speed. We've been doing some more shopping and research and have released a price list based on our market research. Where do we go from now? Well, keeping things within budget is key. Its really frustrating when the answers to all our questions are thing slike "you should call a contruction company" or stuff of that nature. I'm a DIY kinda guy for most things, and I know when i'm outta my expertiese. So we'll be tackling ourselves what we can, and try to save money for the stuff we need professionals for. We've got most of our initial decisions done in terms of mission and directive, pricing structures and services, business hours and all that as best we could. We anticipate some of it will change, some of it will go out th e window, but we gotta start somewhere. Today was our last "freedom" weekend before the start of construction and operations. We get teh keys on the 30th and that day we're meeting with 2 different subcontractors to get estimates on paint and electrical work. In the mean time we're compiling our list of artists and other contacts, organising the transport of artwork from Canada, and setting up the foundations for a guest artist program at the gallery. lots of tricky stuff to deal with, but essential for SoHo AGC to function as a cultural bridge between nations. so, that's teh report for now, we'll be posting more stuff wehn we get some new stuff to post :)

C Ya!!!

February 26, 2007

Another successful launch!

So I'm writting this as the oscars play live on the tv in th e livingroom. Last weekend i came across this little place near Hiroki's apartment. It was a temple/graveyard behing a church and an apartment block which seems to double as a parking lot.
The other set of unrelated news is the recent successful launch of a 4th spy satellite by Japan. I'd like to put my own satellite in orbit one day, and have a the launch facility added to the little temple/graveyard. Space or something...oh well....

February 16, 2007

Her Royal Highness Queen Chip

Her majesty takes this opportunity to address her loyal subjects from all corners of her great empire, from the Land of The Rising Sun, to the Great White North, to the Heart of the Americas. It is in a spirit of great jubilee that her Royal Highness wishes upon all peaceful solidarity in times of great tribulation. May peace, harmony and kitty litter abound across all the lands of the Earth.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Chip

February 13, 2007

Marc Chrismas

I've recently heard from my old roomie Marc (pictured on the right). I've gone through his flikr site and reminisced about some great old times we had in 2004-2005. Well, if you know Marc and haven't heard from him, look for him on the flikr site. Due to security measures i can't include a link to the site driectly. Happy hunting!

February 11, 2007


Alright, this week's episode's up and ready for download. It's a special episode with lots of extra "never-heard-before" content and it's piping hot outta the oven! A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ed and Al and a big hugg and kiss to Mickey my nephew. Alright, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for CJJP+ Episode 5!!!!!!!

February 07, 2007

Wednesday afternoon beers

After a bout 6 beers and an awesome conversation with James, Gary, james and Ryan, i've made it home in one piece. Oh yeah, my bike lock was STOLEN, yet my bike was left behind. strange eh? Guess what, i won't be riding my bike to work any more. It was a messege. Will I wake up with my cat's head in my bed tomorrow? I don't know. maybe I need to revise the list of candidates for guest appearances on my podcasts. I'm afraid i'll receive an offer I can't refuse.

February 03, 2007

Google Earth!

Have you discovered Google Earth yet? I bet you have! well, if you haven't, go get it, it's a really cool program that lets you visit virtually any part of the world in amazing detail, specially in urban areas. I find myself spending hours finding places I've visited over the years, or places where my friends live now, or simply places in the news. Sometimes I get coordintaes off google earth that later i try to find using my GPS. It's a way to get me to places I've never been to within the city and its environs. I've been collecting coordinates since I got my first GPS device in '99. When my fiance and I first got together she said she'd help me collect more coordinates around Japan. We've collected a whole bunch of them in the 3 years since. I'm putting together a number of these so you can visit them online through Google Earth. I'll make an announcement when the list's ready. In the mean time, explore my 'hood! Latitude 34.666236, Longitude 135.519195

February 01, 2007


Hey, I got some podcasts starting to happen, you can check them out at my .Mac site. I'm posting a couple pics of the new PSP based GPS navi I've jimmied-up on my bike.

January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 is here and we now have a brand new spanking year to enjoy. Now do be careful, though it's brand new there's no refund or return policy on it, so be sure to think carefuly before making any major choices. This year promises to be a great opportunity to put a lot of the slogans about peace on earth and loving your neighbour into practice. I suggest we all start by not getting upset in traffic and venting anger at our fellow commuters, nor at the people around us. we have to start somewhere! Enjoy the new year and may it be full of all great things!!!