September 22, 2014

End of summer

Summer has come to an end here in Osaka and the fall weather is setting in. Fall is my favorite season here. Lots of aromas change. For instance, the comforting smell of oden foods and nikuman wafts out of every convenience store. Restaurants are serving up more nabe soups as well. Perfumes and colognes are changing too, from the fruity and playful fragrances of summer to the more steely and crisp aromas of autumn.

Visually, it's an interesting time. Some nights are cool and you can see early adopters sporting the latest autumn fashions. Other days are warm and lots wear their aloha shirts, Bermuda shorts and sandals, refusing to let go of the mild summer we've had.

The temperature's perfect for me, at around 24 C. I'm not sweating the buckets I did until a week ago and can now be more physically active in general.

Harvest time is coming soon, and with it the new crops of succulent rice. Can't wait!

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