March 02, 2010

Winter Update

Hi guys, I haven't had a chance to write for some time, so I finally got a handful of minutes to pop an entry. A lot has been going on for the past few months. I've been busy with work, fighting the evil forces of a sluggish economy to keep the shop going, and I tell you I'm quite exhausted. Things are finally starting to very very very slowly turn for the less worse, and that makes me quite happy. I've had a chance to work with some very cool people on new and exciting projects and that contributes greatly to a positive outlook on things.

One new addition to my life that is helping me feel much better is my new puppy, Chelsea, a cute little beagle who loves to play, eat and sleep. She's 6 months old today and at the end of a busy day she's right there with her tail wagging ready to go out for a walk. At home she has her own little cage, but she loves to get out of it whenever possible. We've been going to a nice little park not far from the house where lots of other dogs go and hang out. It's really beautiful and there I can let her off her leash and she can run to her heart's content. She gets busy chasing pigeons, wind-blown leafs and anything plastic. She loves chewing on plastic. She loves meeting other dogs too, she's quite friendly. Well, a bit too friendly at times jumping on strangers whenever they walk by.

If you know beagles, then you know they have a one track mind. Literally, she loves tracking. When she catches a scent there's no command that can get her back to me except for doggy treats. Food is her kryptonite, the challenge is to have tastier food on hand than she can find lying around in the park.

Chelsea came into my life quite suddenly, just after Christmas and a few days before New Years. Since then I've been working hard to train her. So far she'll obey two commands: sit and catch. She fetches, but runs off way past me on her way back.
She could work for the postal service as she loves walking in all kinds of weather. She's not bothered by rain at all, in fact, she tries to drink from whatever puddle she comes across. I keep her on a short leash, since she loves going off after whatever scent she catches and will ignore virtually all calls.

When the weather gets better I'd love to take her out to the countryside. I love the area around Haibara in Nara, with its streams, rivers and mountains. I think she would love it there too. I think that when she grows up, she's gonna be a bigger dog than I thought. She's 6 months old, yesterday we met another beagle that's twice her age and actually a bit smaller.
She's outgrown the bike's basket and soon will have to try and train her to run alongside when I ride. She's still too young for serious exercise, most people say that she shouldn't run more than half a mile max till she's 18 months.

Well, that's pretty much it for now, at least that's all I have to time to write about today. If you come by for a visit, you might get a chance to play with Chelsea.

See ya!

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