March 24, 2009

Spring Report

Well, the house is almost finished and we're going nuts packing and moving our stuff little by little. Goldie's been stressing out a bit, as the new place is a bit smaller than our current place. I hadn't worried so much as I thought i didn't have a lot of stuff to move. That all changed today when i started packing my crap and realized that i have way to much junk i never ever use but I hold on to for various reasons. So, as we only have mondays to do anything non-gallery related, we went nuts today getting the move ready. Were we able to get it all done? not by a long shot. We move next monday and we're barely 10% done i think. this will be one massive challenge. Needless to say that the schedule at SoHo will remained unchanged while all this moving's taking place. What's more, no one will ever notice the great great deal of stress we're under, that just wouldn't do. Anyhow, after business hours is gloves off and we'll be expressing ourselves rather colorfully for the next few days. we'll post again once the move's finished and put some pics up.

Aights, TTYS!


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