March 07, 2008

PSP 2000

I am thoroughly convinced that the PSP 2000 was designed specially for me :) here's a list of the stuff I usually do with it:

Websurfing. by far the best web surfing gadget. full color and great res. the real portable web!

I watch TV on it. It's smart enough to show subtitles and I can listen to shows in english with the SAP function. Also, i record some of my fave shows with it and transfer them to my older PSP.

GPS. I jimmied up a mount for the PSP on my bike, so I get to plan my rides and use the PSP as a navigation unit.

Radio. I download a crapload of news and other radio show podcasts to keep me updated and entertained just before I go to bed, or on a slow day.

Movies. I sometimes plug it to the tv and watch movies on the big screen or projector at work.

Camera. great backup camera and video camera, been taking some pretty cool shots with the native 16:9 video format.

Games. Hmmm... not really, with all the other stuff this little machine can do, who needs games?

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