November 22, 2007

I'm older now

On tuesday yours truly turned one year older! Yey! but the "wisdom" gauge hasn't moved much :) . Goldie threw me a surprise party at SoHo and it was a blast. I was very happy to see everyone, and we had the grill going with some yakiniku brugogi. I want to thank everyone for coming out and for all the wonderful gifts i received. I didnt get a chance to take any pictures.

Tuesday was also Suguru-san's show opening as well as Hatsukano-san's 21st birthday. They had a blast as well. We wrapped the party up by about midnite, with stomachs full and heads spinning :). Thank you very much once again, and thanks be to God almighty for another year of life. To all of you who couldn't be there, I missed you, but there's always next year.
Thanks again!

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