March 28, 2007

SoHo Gallery Cafe Update

Work on the gallery continues at full speed. We've been doing some more shopping and research and have released a price list based on our market research. Where do we go from now? Well, keeping things within budget is key. Its really frustrating when the answers to all our questions are thing slike "you should call a contruction company" or stuff of that nature. I'm a DIY kinda guy for most things, and I know when i'm outta my expertiese. So we'll be tackling ourselves what we can, and try to save money for the stuff we need professionals for. We've got most of our initial decisions done in terms of mission and directive, pricing structures and services, business hours and all that as best we could. We anticipate some of it will change, some of it will go out th e window, but we gotta start somewhere. Today was our last "freedom" weekend before the start of construction and operations. We get teh keys on the 30th and that day we're meeting with 2 different subcontractors to get estimates on paint and electrical work. In the mean time we're compiling our list of artists and other contacts, organising the transport of artwork from Canada, and setting up the foundations for a guest artist program at the gallery. lots of tricky stuff to deal with, but essential for SoHo AGC to function as a cultural bridge between nations. so, that's teh report for now, we'll be posting more stuff wehn we get some new stuff to post :)

C Ya!!!

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Jerry said...

Hey man! This page is awesome. I will take your offer and come check your new place out one of these days.