December 10, 2006

New Place

So we're moving yet again, this time to an actual apartment! The girl and I have found a nice place just down the street from my current place, and well, as of tomorrow, the 11th, all teh final preparations will have come to an end and ht eactual physical move of all the big things will start. He hope to be mostly unpacked for the new year. I'm getting rid of nearly all of my stuff, with the exception of my A/V and computer equipment, and the various Japanese things i've come to acquire over the years. so i'm "Recycling". In Japan, you can't just chug your trash on the street, no sir, you gotta first go to your local conveninece store and buy a stamp to affix on the crap you're throwing out. for instance, if you're getting rid of a fridge, you pay $80 for the stamp, $50 for a TV, and so on and so forth. if you dont have this, the trash truck will not pick it up, and you will be fined for polluting the streets. So what is the alternative? recycle shops. they come to get your old stuff. some of it they buy, other stuff they take for a smaller fee. in the eand you sorta just break even. A new law was introduced in japan forbidding the sale of used electronics without a new quality assurance seal. that means any electronics bought before that date can't be sold in Japan, and will be making their way to the third world a lot quicker.

Anyway, see ya guys soon!!!

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Marc said...

Nice building....what area are you in? What floor? Do you have a nice view?

Shona and I send our love to you and Goldie

Happy NY!

Look at photos....will be p[utting up more in a few weeks wehn our gear arrives from Scotland.