November 15, 2006

Back-up your stuff

In an attempt to partition my firewire external drive, I have effectively formatted it and lost...oohhh...about 50 gigs of pictures, music and who knows what else. pretty much everything i'd been storing there for the past year or so. I had backed up up most of the 150 gigs of stuff on it on my LAN drive, and thus was able to rescue some of the older stuff going back 5-6 months, but pretty much, every digital photo taken in Japan is gone. How did this happen? Well, iPhoto 06 kept crapping out, telling me my library had the wrong permissions, so I tried to fix them to no avail. in effect, upgrading to iLife '06 has cost me nearly all of my media.

Silver lining:
Now i get to make all new memories again. most of the pics were probably crap anyway, and i had already backed up and copied many of them in other places. Biggest regret though was losing all of my Nicaragua pics. One saving grace is that I burned them on disk and left a copy for my Dad, and another copy for my cousins. So the pics do survive. Oh well, I screwed up !


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Marc said...

check out my site there are some of you and Goldie in the early beardless years!