November 19, 2006

PARTY MONDAY NOV 20th @ 19:30

Party Monday nite. I'll be having a BBQ, bring your own Booze, and if you have any particualr culinary requests do bring it along!

See ya @ the Party!

New Website!!

I've set up a new website on the .Mac service. I've get a bit of everything there, some pics, some sounds and some other tidbits about me. check it out, It'll change your life. You will thank me. You will send me 32.6% of all future income as a token of your appreciation..the addy is:
  • November 15, 2006

    Back-up your stuff

    In an attempt to partition my firewire external drive, I have effectively formatted it and lost...oohhh...about 50 gigs of pictures, music and who knows what else. pretty much everything i'd been storing there for the past year or so. I had backed up up most of the 150 gigs of stuff on it on my LAN drive, and thus was able to rescue some of the older stuff going back 5-6 months, but pretty much, every digital photo taken in Japan is gone. How did this happen? Well, iPhoto 06 kept crapping out, telling me my library had the wrong permissions, so I tried to fix them to no avail. in effect, upgrading to iLife '06 has cost me nearly all of my media.

    Silver lining:
    Now i get to make all new memories again. most of the pics were probably crap anyway, and i had already backed up and copied many of them in other places. Biggest regret though was losing all of my Nicaragua pics. One saving grace is that I burned them on disk and left a copy for my Dad, and another copy for my cousins. So the pics do survive. Oh well, I screwed up !


    November 13, 2006

    Osaka, Year Four

    Today's my thrid annversary in Japan. I'm sick as a dog, spend most of the day in bed. It was an uneventual day. Its was a little sunny today, but chilly. I watched the movie "CARS", and did some reading. That was It. Goldie came by in the evening and she took me to a soba restaurant around the corner. The food was good. She went home and I went to bed for a while but couldn't sleep, so I'm writing this entry. That's it. On to another year in Japan.

    November 12, 2006

    Apartment Hunting

    We continue in our search for our new apartment. We have now looked at almost a dozen potentials in our neighbourhood. some of them are very large, others are very expensive. We have recently narrowed teh search to three potential places. Apartment A is expensive, but HUGE. Apartment B is less expensive and just a hair smaller. Apartment C is well designed and cheaper, but smaller. The difference in price between A and C is roughly $500 bucks a month. Between A and B is negligible however, we get a parking spot inside the building's parking elevator. Neither A nor C have parking available. Both B and C are about 5 minutes walk from the subway. A is 1 minute from the subway. I'm leaning heavily towards Apartment "?" which do you suggest? Should we keep looking?

    November 07, 2006

    Sandinista Victory in Nicaragua

    The Sandinistas are officially elected. What will this mean to Nicaragua's Future? There's a lot of speculation of course, will it be a return to the past, or a bright new future? Ortega says he's a changed man, speaking more of God than Marx. He has made some pledges not to introduce any drastic changes to the economy and respect the private industry. His running mate was a key Contra figure in the 80's. Ortega's theme is "reconciliation". For the time being, nervous investors are having second thoughts. Promises can be broken after all, and I haven't heard of many politicians who keep their word.

    November 04, 2006

    So here's a link to my new blog Celio's Trains. Here I'll be putting more pics of "Japanada" our transgeographical train layout! enjoy!