October 30, 2006

Tamara's Visit

Tamara came over from Korea to visit us this weekend. We got together sunday afternoon after work and went to get some conveyor belt, all you can eat sushi and after that we took a walk around Dotombori. We also strolled by AmeMura to take in some of the local counter culture sights. We met up again this morning near Exit 25, and took the train to Kyoto. We visited the famous Stone Garden and Golden Pavillion temples. After the Ryoenji visit we chowed down on some Tofu at a restaurant on the temple grounds, and saw a crane fish in the garden's pond. I guess it was a DIY buffet for him. We went to Gion after that and strolled around central Kyoto for a while, looking for some souveniers. While Tamara was distracted Goldie got a souvenier for Tamara to take home with her to Korea, its a present for both she and George.

Here are some pics of
Tamara's Visit!

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