October 25, 2006

Changes, Trips and Projects.....the usual

So its been a few months since I last wrote anything in here. We had a great summer here, Goerge came to Osaka to visit us and we had a great time here. I went back to Nicaragua to visit my old man whom I hadn't seen in more than 3 years.
This year i've been playing around with robots, podcasts, DVDs and a couple photo projects. There's more stuff on the pipeline, as you know, my head is full of random throughts all the time. So what's new in the "Changes" department? Well:

Change #1: I am now working the early morning shift at work, I finish at 3pm and I'm loving it. I'm still getting used to it but it's working out fine. I got a new core group, so this month i've had tons of observations, feedback and training to do. its challenging but exciting too, lots of new faces.

Change #2: the girl and I are preparing to finally move in together. we've been looking at apartments and have found a couple nice ones just down the street from my place. We're very excited about this move. I'll be putting a bunch of our stuff up for sale, some for adoption, as we won't fit all of our stuff in the new place.

Change #3: Haven't figured out what change #3's yet. Quit smoking, lose weight, exfoliating alligator skin, embezzeling brownie points, leasing out the speace in my nostrils...too many options...so little time!

Projects Update:

Project #1 has become this podcast thingiemagig. i think it's quite cool. i've been listening to whole bunch of podcasts (NHK, CBC, BBC, Escape Pod, La A radio.com, EWTN, Planet Japan, and many many many more) and I wanna have a hack at it. For month's I've been working out the content, and have decided to keep it very me, random and chaotic. any topic will go from one of my alter egoes. It'll be politically incorrect and at times intellectually challanged. that I can promise.

Project #2 has been my venture into robotics. its been awesome. i've learned a lot about how robots work and communicate, how they process instructions and particularly, i've been having a lot of fun with sensors and data collected from these. I gotta take a break tho, as both my brain and wallet were substantially drained with this endeavour.
Project #3 I expect to have a photo show together by spring. if you know my work you can expect something a little different from my fare up till now. I've taken a more minimal approach, working primarily light and how its affected by various factors.

Familia Barreto Nicaragua

Trips Update:

Nicaragua is very different from what I remember 3 years ago. I was very impressed with the ammount of development that has spurred there, and well, the overall positivism of th epeople in general. Got to see my family again, my cousins and aunts. We had an awesome time. I want to spend more time with my old man now, so Goldie and I are hoping to head over there soon. It's only a 33 hour, 4 trains, 3 connection flights, and car ride anyway.

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