January 05, 2005

2005, a Happy New Year?

2005 starts out as a very somber year, with muted celebrations all over the world. The last weeks of 2004 sure took a blow out of the celebratory spirit, with the Tsunami devastation. On a personal note, the passing away of one of my aunts on Dec 23rd brought a somber note to our Christmas celbrations as well. So many lives were gone from us this year.
With the massive death toll from so many countries, I think more deeply about my loved ones, my friends and my family and pray that they are always safe. 2005 begins in the midsts of global mouring, and it may mean that we have to look closer at the fragility of life. Maybe we can respect life even more and become more sensitized to human life. Perhaps those people who make their living killing others can do a double take.

Tomorrow is our first day back at the office, and there are still several people missing. Four of my friends came back from Thailand telling horrendous stories of their Tsunami experience. Tomorrow we are sure to hear much more as the rest of my co-workers and friends return to work.

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